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Deep Blue Cruises is owner and operator of the safariboats MY/Firebird and MY/Thunderbird and co-owner of the safariboat M/Y Blue which is operated by us and Blue Planet Liveaboards together.

Our boats are guided and supervised by a professional team of egyptain crew and english and german speaking instructors.
We have made it to our business to meet the requirements and the expectations of our guests needs.
We feel confirmed in our ideas and aims by the positive response of our guests. For fair comments, we are always grateful, because it gives us the opportunity for reflection and development.

On our boats there is a high standard. We pay attention not only to comply with legal requirements, but also attach great importance to maintaining the technichal condition and the safety of diving.
Guarrantor of this are the constant maintenance of the boats and the continuing education and training of our crews and guides. Our service is subjcet to continuous quality control by our long-term employees and experienced professionals.

Our crews and dive guides on the ships are all german and/or english speaking who have lost even after many years in Egypt, not the fun of guest service, diving and thereby also meet the highest standards of competence, safety and joy! Our office team consists of very experienced employees who have worked for many years in the diving and tourism industry, here you will receive prompt and knowledgeable answers to all your questions.

Enjoy with us one of the most beautiful adventures in the Red Sea!

Explore world wide known wrecks and reefs in a country filled with magnificent history. Make a fascinating tour into the past!
Visit with us one of the scare places in the world, which enables you to still see during your dives rare species and under water creatures, which have disappeared in other parts of the world!
Beautiful reefs with their amazing colors during day and night dives and their shapes are waiting to be explored by you. Enjoy with our experienced dive guides outstanding adventures, which you have never before dreamt of. A dive safari into the endless big blue of the Red Sea with all its highlights.

Our professional team is looking forward to assisting you!



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