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Safaris for the whole family!

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We too have faced this problem: How shall I spend my diving holiday? Alone or with the family? To combine a diving holiday with a family holiday is often not that easy. Someone will have to miss out. Be that the non-diving partner or the kids that are beeing dropped at the childcare. But it really can work!
A few years ago we tried it with our own kids, and it worked out so well that we decided to offer safaris for the whole family! Surely, not an easy job but we do our best to create the best conditions for this safari, so that we can delight in the brightness of so many kids` eyes.

Dates for 2018

26.07. - 02.08.2018, M/Y Thunderbird - full booked

02.08. - 09.08.2018, M/Y Thunderbird

09.08. - 16.08.2018, M/Y Thunderbird

16.08. - 23.08.2018, M/Y Thunderbird

for further dates, please ask!

Prices 2018

Parents 899.- Euro + 25.- Euro fees (p.p.)
1. child 6 - 11 years free of charge + 25.- Euro fees (sharing parents' cabin!)
2. child 6 - 11 years 499.- Euro + 25.- Euro fees (sharing parents' cabin or kids' cabin)
3. child 12 - 16 years 649.- Euro + 25.- Euro fees (sharing parents' cabin or kids' cabin)

Plus the Egyptian entry visa of EURO 30,- p.p.


Important Informations

Dear parents, our kids-safaris are adjusted to meet your children's
needs. The distances are kept short and the dive sites are selected to guarantee the most fun for the little ones. Besides diving we care about other treats and activities, such as swimming, snorkelling and playing.

These safaris are supposed to be relaxing and a common experience for parents and children. We will show your kids the fantastic underwater
world of the Red Sea, while you are enjoying some relaxing dives with
your partner. Divers training is also possible during the safari for both parents and kids. Also, we will give you specific instructions in how to  relate to your kids during diving, for enjoyable future diving holidays. We always follow our motto - no stress and no pressure for our little ones.

An essential element of this safari is the daily routine and the nutrition of our little guests. Usually the day starts a bit later, since the kids usually prefer to sleep on the mattresses on deck. The kids, of course, whisper for a while before falling asleep. Therefore we have adjusted the meal  plan and the daily routine to the interests of our little guests. For all other meals we offer many side dishes popular amongst kids and lots of fresh fruits. You are  also welcome to inform us about your kids eating habits in advance.

We hope that we will awaken your interest in a family holiday of a slightly different kind!

Our aim for 2018 - same like the years before - is to see lots of bright and happy kids' faces on board. This is the best reward for our work.


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