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Safaris ... good to know ...

New boats, new rules - but everybody needs to know the rules!

To prevent any unpleasant surprises during the safari, we have listed the most important information and rules for the diving safari below. If you have any questions or problems during your safari, our dive guides and the crew will help you with words and deeds.


In addition to the normal equipment, the following is absolutely necessary for each diver:

diving computer (its not allowed to dive without computer)

emergency buoy per diver


medical statement maximum 1 year old (according to the Egyptians law)


valid diving brevet

regulator with octopus

one torch per buddy team at every day dive

diving accident insurance (can be concluded on board, safaris starting from Hurghada 6,- Euro, starting from Port Ghalib 7,- Euro)

Please bring 2 copies of your passport!

Any guest without a valid brevet may be excluded from diving.


Please reduce soap consumption because the waste water goes directly into the sea. Please don’t throw anything into the toilets (even paper). You will find special containers for it. This helps prevent blocked pipes which are almost impossible to fix during safari and also helps to preserve the natural environment. Further more those maintenance may be cause unpleasant smell.


During the safari you will find tea, coffee and water for free the whole time. You can buy cold soft drinks, beer and wine at the bar on board. (Prices on board since 03/2016: beer 0,5 litre 3 Euro, bottle of wine 15 Euro, Cola/Cola light/Sprite/Fanta 0,33 litre 1 Euro.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol between the dives.


Each cabin has portholes. We recommend opening them as often as possible in order to renew the air in the cabin. The air condition only use the available air, so there will be no fresh air change. Please make sure that each porthole is closed during sailing.

If you book the accommodation in 1/2 double cabin it is possible you will be placed with a person of the opposite sex. Gladly we can set the information about the sex on our homepage.


A dry desert climate is normal for the region of the Red Sea. Especially in summertime you can expect around 35 degrees during the day. During wintertime it becomes cold in the evenings and even during the day it is sometimes useful to have a warm sweater. Don’t forget something to protect your ears against the wind.


Abstract from the law of environment:

hunting, fishing, collecting of corals, shells and other marine life is strictly forbidden

throwing of any waste into the sea (rubbish, oil, fat) is forbidden

it is generally forbidden to anchor in protected areas

feeding fish and birds is forbidden

it is forbidden to walk on the reefs and over corals

using gloves for divers is only allowed for protection

Any violation can lead to fines and/or prison sentences. Also, the authorities reserve the right to ban the respective captain and guide from their profession, as well as to confiscate the boat license for a certain period of time.

The maximum dive depth for diving with compressed air is 40 m! (by sight of the corresponding brevet). For any technical diving the rules from CDWS obtain (Chamber of Diving and Watersports,


To join one of our diving safaris you must be a certified diver with at least 30 logged dives. For all the marine park routes, you need 50 logged dives. Your last dive should have been within one year. In case of unqualified divers, our dive guides reserve the right to forbid certain dives or change the route for everyone to one which is adjusted to their experience and training.


the prow area of the boat is reserved for the crew, where they eat and pray. we kindly ask you to respect this.


In case of emergencies, we carry on board two 50 litre Oxygen tank with mask and a first aid kit. Furthermore there is a transportable oxygen case to provide 4 people in the same time. This oxygen case is stored in the captains or dive guide cabin.

A first aid kit can also be found on board.


You will have 24 hours 220 Volt alternating current on board. On the diving deck there is a charging station for torches and cameras. To charge cameras etc. in the cabins is strictly forbidden - fire hazard! Caution: Because of the variation in the voltageautomatic chargers are not optimal.


During the safari you have the opportunity to buy Jackets with hood (Euro 35 each) and our "DBC-Shirt" (Euro 15each). Furthermore we offer fleece jackets (Euro 35 each). Payment is made on board. Upon request your name can be embroidered on the jacket or shirts. The extra charge for this service is Euro 5 per item. Simply preorder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive your personal Deep Blue Cruises jacket/shirt at the beginning of your safari.
The embroidery is free of charge for groups of more than 10 persons.


On board there are only small supplies of medication. Please bring with you your own medical supplies. It is your responsibility before you come on the safari to check that these medicines are compatible with diving.


On both boats you have the possibility to use the internet via W-LAN. The internet connection depends on the moblie net during the tour.


The crew on board speaks English. All our dive guides speaks English and German.


Night diving is forbidden in the Marine Park areas. It is also forbidden to enter any island.


Those who would like to dive with Nitrox, Trimix or Dolphin Rebreather please inform us 14 days prior to arrival via email. The payment is made on board. From 2016 on we offer NITROX FOR FREE on MY Firebird and MY Thunderbird. Other courses such as Nitrox-, Specialties- or AOWD are to be registered in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee availability.


All prices on board are shown in Euro. Please take enough cash money with you, we recommend Euro. Foreign currency exchange rates on board might not be in your favour. We also accept credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).


Normally we do not carry rental equipment on board. We recommend ordering anything you need at least 14 days before your departure. Payment is made on board. You should have with you the most important spare parts for your equipment like strips for mask and fins. Also, don’t forget batteries and and light bulbs for the torches.


On board we have lifejackets and life rafts (self inflating system). In all cabins, in the saloon and in the engine room there are fire extinguishers for use in case of an emergency. You will have an introduction to the safety systems when you arrive onboard.


Please don’t wear wet diving or swimming clothes in the saloon as the seat cussion takes a long time to dry due to the high humidity.


Wearing shoes is forbidden in the saloon and the cabins. Outside it is allowed to wear light sailing or beach shoes.


It is not allowed to take pillows, blankets or mattresses out of the cabin. If you like to sleep outside on deck please bring your own sleeping bag and use the sun mattresses.


In all closed rooms smoking is strictly forbidden. For your safety there are on board fire alarm systems, which are very sensitive to any smoke. Outside please use the ashtray and don’t throw the butts into the sea. The cigarette filters will stay and decorate the reef for years.


Especially in Egypt the people expect "Baksheesh". We recommend 40 Euro per week per guest. But anyway ... the tip is always voluntary to say thank you for the service from the crew and guides during your safari.


On your arrival day you will check in around 3 pm on the boat. The departure from the harbour will be the following morning, 6 days on sea with 2-4 dives per day depending on the schedule and the weather. On the last day there will be 2 dives. We will be back in the harbour one day before departure day before nightfall.

Please notice, that the booked fullboard accommodation starts with check-in on the boat and ends with check-out from the boat.

To proceed a safari also depends from the weather conditions (wind, waves, current) and local terms. A guarantee to reach all the dive sides from a planned trip is not given.
Transfer to the airport is arranged on departure day but check out from the boat is at 10 am after breakfast. Depending on the time of your flight home, you may choose to stay in a hotel on a day room basis. The cost of 20 Euro is not included in the price of the boat and will need to be covered by you.

We reserve the right to accommodate our guests on their last night in a hotel, due to organisational or engineering reasons.


On board we provide for each guest one bath towel and one normal towel and as well a bathrobe. The towels and the bed linen will be change in the middle of the week.


Your assigned tour leader - easy to identify with a sign of the name's boat you booked - is waiting for you in the entrance hall. There you will get the visa, which you already paid in advanced.

The tour leader is there to help you in word and deed. Outside the airport there will be an other tour leader also with a sign of the boat's name, who will show you the right bus. Transfers are collective ones. This can lead to waiting times in Hurghada. In such a case you can lodge your luggage in our office in Hurghada. Beach or day use in hotels can be arranged for payment upon request.

For those, who don't want to have the longer waiting times we gladly organize special transfers which is to be paid aboard:

HRG to Port Ghalib 1-8 pax ca. Euro 70,-
HRG to Port Ghalib 9-16 pax ca. Euro 90.-
The price for the special transfer depends on the exchange rate of the day.


If you have any questions or problems on your diving safari please inform the crew or the dive guides. They will be happy to assist you.


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